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Special Needs Dentistry

Our staff is trained to work with children of all age groups and developmental statuses. Our team is happy to establish a dental home for a child with special needs and work with their other providers to support a multi-specialty approach to this child’s care. Our goal is to alleviate the fears and establish a long-term relationship with the child and their families and follow up on their developments and progresses over the years. All care for our special needs patients is to be provided in house, if possible, granted it’s in the scope of our team.

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About Special Needs Dentistry

Special Needs Dentistry is a specialized form of dentistry that focuses on providing comprehensive care to children with special healthcare requirements or disabilities. This type of dentistry helps ensure that all patients receive quality dental care regardless of their condition or disability, and it can provide parents with the confidence they need to know their child is receiving the best possible care available.

What is Special Needs Dentistry? Special needs dentistry involves creating individualized treatment plans for each patient based on their specific needs and abilities. The dentist will take into account any physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges the patient may have in order to create an effective plan for them. Special needs dentists are also trained in how to use adaptive equipment and techniques when necessary so that every patient can get the most out of their appointment.

What are the Benefits of Special Needs Dentistry? One major benefit of special needs dentistry is that it provides comprehensive care tailored specifically to each individual patient’s unique needs and abilities. This ensures that all patients receive quality dental care regardless of their condition or disability. Additionally, this type of dentistry helps parents feel confident knowing that their child is receiving the best possible care available from experienced professionals who understand how to work with special-needs patients in a comfortable environment.

Preparing for a special needs appointment requires some extra steps compared to regular appointments due to the complexity involved in treating these types of patients. It is important for parents to communicate any concerns they may have about their child's health prior to arriving at the office so that proper accommodations can be made if needed during treatment. Parents should also bring along any relevant medical records as well as information regarding medications taken by the patient, so that these details can be taken into consideration when creating an individualized treatment plan for them.

Register your child today!

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We will contact you closer to opening date to schedule your child’s first visit with us. We will be in touch with you and your insurance company in the mean time to coordinate this first appointment. See you soon!

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